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Solomon Laser

New member
Jun 25, 2017
Hello All,

I have searched a lot on this forum, google, and laser stores trying to find small drivers for a pocket build for violet, red, and blue diodes.

There are only 2 small drivers (15mm length or smaller) I can find, and availability seems very limited.

Micro Flex Driver $20-25
Nano Buck Driver $30

Are there any I am missing, even custom made drivers? I hope so because I am afraid of building pocket hosts and the current availability dropping even more.

If someone has some designs I would even be interested in maybe partnering up to try to produce them... I would like fellow hobbiest to have more options.

Thank you


Well-known member
Mar 5, 2015
The microboost driver was awesome but I don't think anyone has stock of them anymore,

The nano boost is also a great driver but seems only a limited supply for now,
The Flexdrive V5 is available and also a great driver with different ranges for adjustable current.

Australist is working on building some buck and boost drivers witch should be great,
Also xwoosee might be developing a boost driver,

Flaminpyro. Used to sell different types of mini boost drivers for Lazzerer but a lot are now out of stock and also not a reliable supplier anymore!

Options are very limited these days but you can double up on Flexdrives for higher currents if needed!