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Jul 21, 2011
Could post some pics that might be helpful..
I use QS so I don't know a lot about your hardware or software but try lowering your scanning speed and make sure your channels are outputting on the right pins.. Make sure your not using a crossover cable or something weird....


Ok I bought a chicom 1w rgb animation ilda laser. I have LSX and the Riya multibus light DAC. I ran the Riya setting program and tuned as best I could before starting LSX.

LSX has tons of tuning options, but nothing seems to do much really.

First question, on the scanner settings area you can display various test frames. Mine worked, but now doesnt display test patterns. Shows/demos do display when in the main program.

When I did have the test pattern up it looked absolutely horrible. Dots were lines, lines had tails, circles are either incomplete or look like e's.

Also colors dont match whats on screen, I am sure my laser is TTL because I get no shading, and I know that means I have what 7 colors available? But yellow should look yellow, white white, etc etc.

Do these lasers require an internal pot tuning???? Did something get jarred during shipping?

The built in demos dont look horrible, other than they are bad drawings to begin with, but the colors are pretty good. Circles arent always great though.

Not sure what to do at this point.