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Just orderd a lase then found out they are illegal

Nov 4, 2009
Not really, If they confiscate it there is nothing that you can do to get it back, I don't know where you heard that they made you pay more taxes but that never was/will be true.
@ KGB read the first paragraph of this review. i dont know if hes from the US or not but thats where i heard. they obviously do it somewhere.



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Oct 18, 2009
Most of these posts are BS.

Dont worry, its safe. Youll get the laser. I ordered one from the same website, same laser to. Got it, however it did take a while to ship, but thats because of slow shipping. It is 200mw, sometimes more if you get better batteries. Lights matches, burns plastic, make stuff smell bad. However it only burns dark colored stuffz.

Its illegal to ship to the US, not to have one. So you wont get in trouble.

However, be very carefull, this isnt a toy, do not point it at any eyes. DO NOT USE THIS WITH CATS EITHER.

PLEASE do not shoot it at an airplane, no matter how cool it may be.

They are somewhat screwing you over, its beam is not very visible in daylight. However if it was a 200mw green, its a different story.


By the way, KGB your avatar is REALLY nice.
Agreed. I don't know why the myth gets spread around that lasers are illegal in the U.S. Maybe someone who doesn't want you to have it (parents?, friends that don't know what they're talking about?) say that. There is nothing illegal about buying or owning a pen, pointer or portable laser, such as we discuss here. Doing stupid, illegal things with them is a different thread.

The only thing illegal is shipping lasers >5mW to the U.S. that don't meet FDA standards for safety. When such a product is imported, it should include a form completed by the shipper that certifies whether it meets, or is exempt from those qualifications. As long as customs sees that form, it is OK. I threw mine out (that was with my WL Evo pro), or I'd post a pic.

I also understand that the offshore (Chinese) companies offer cheaper products, and that often many young people can't afford otherwise, but if you want to get a laser without worrying about that stuff, buy it from a U.S. based company/distributor.