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Fog Machine

Jul 3, 2015
That is my understanding....although the manufacturer of my machine has some special stuff...yeah sure lol
Dec 15, 2017
Different fog juices produce different results but I can say from experience that anything other than water-based hazers can trigger allergies. I've had some very rough experiences with oil based hazers. Of course, the oil based ones seem to produce the best effect with lighting and lasers. The downside is that the can leave a light film coating on stuff, especially if run for a long time.
Apr 2, 2009
Ok no new posts since.. Feb
BUT it is steal-a-cheap fogger time again.
takes some legwork (or phone calls) but if you are going anyway...
scope out which Halloween sellers (the major Drugstores)
you need to see how many on the shelves and myb ask a clerk.if there are more ..in back etc
ask also when is the BIG markdown--?

some wait til day after some mark down a few hours
before closing time.
I would def help to know who will be working and get a cell # mybe,, just to ask if there are any foggers left.
I have tried this and failed sometimes BUT when I got lucky I picked up 'party foggers' for ~$10 (a 'bubble blower' fogger)
some w/ juice some w/o. I spiked my bubble juice with highlighter concentrated dayglo juice-- in B.L. AND MUCH better in 405..the bubbles looks great-- tiny liquid sky-like images- on the bubble's surface--- hard to get w/ camera..

I used to look at other stuff- bought lots of black lights cheap..'plasma lights' (sweet!) these sales are between 50 and 90% off.
these do not last long even with proper care (& w/o it may fail 2nd time trying---READ the instructions.
To be sure of having SOME juice ..why not buy a small amt. via eekbay scamazon etc,, & get the better brands ..
AND not to sound greedy.. I would consider buying moar (than one) while you can when you can.
for price comparisons and another possible sale- visit Spencer's... on-line is OK in person is better.
IF you may, later, be hosting a costume party-- good time for some stuff to dress your party up right.

good hunting --let us know how you did.. (& TY for reading)
''& pics or it did not happen.''
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Mar 4, 2019
I recently have been trying to maximize my liquid sky effects using my new fog machine and i'm getting mixed results and learning a few things. I basically turned my living room into a laser room.
  1. BulbHead "Star Shower Motion" , the christmas light thing, is FANTASTIC in any level of fog. Absolutely fantastic. 11/10 reccomend for the cost of that little thing! Do it, seriously, do it now. It's like walking through the matrix.
  2. I bought a Vankyo Leisure 420 and run youtube "beamer" videos. This works decent. Its no laser device but it adds a cool effect. A much more expensive and brighter projector would be the ideal choice, but for now im satisfied. HUGE shout out to all of you who spend time and effort creating those videos. You guys are awesome!
So, do different types of fog juice have different characteristics in terms of diffusion into the atmosphere? Im finding that even with no airflow in the room, the "liquid sky" effect quickly diminishes (3-5 minutes) into an evenly mixed hazy glow through the room and the defined eddies all but disappear. I dont have the funds right now to build even a half-ass fog screen for the projector, but thats a plan for later and could also provide some *badass liquid skies that dont diffuse into a stupid haze lol.

Furthermore, what are everyone's opinions on acheiving the brightest eddies in the plane of the laser for liquid skies? Ive found spinning mirrors to be slightly superior to refracting via a cylindrical object, but its a downright hassle to rig one up compared to placing a cylinder infront of your laser. I would love to get *actual line refractors, maybe even add some leveling lasers at ankle level to turn the floor into lava...But im kindof broke. Maybe im in the wrong hobby eh? Nah, im used to it from rocketry ;) All the best stuff in life is worth breaking the bank for, and usually requires it.


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