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does CNI no longer makes laser pointers?


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Apr 8, 2020
Hello, everyone.
I was trying to see what cni pricing is for their laser pointer. (i was trying to get a 589 NM.) My question is does cni no longer make laser pointer or are they just saying that because they dont ship to usa? If any one knows thank thank you.


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Oct 2, 2019
I've never heard CNI ever selling built handhelds, only modules and maybe lab lasers.


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May 14, 2011
On Sept. 30th, 2015 CNI officially announced that laser pointer and portable laser series products for SLA purpose would be no longer exported to the U.S. "from Oct 1st, 2015. The incoming SLA orders from American customers will be rejected. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused!"
SInce 2019 CNI no longer shows any pointers or portables on their web site and Dragon Lasers, China a CNI reseller no longer sells them so...
Would assume they no longer make them or no longer accept new orders if that is what CNI says but they will make and sell a 589nm module. Really, portables and pointers were a very minor/insignificant part of their business. CNI's real business being lab lasers and all of their other products. Piointers and portables became more trouble than they were worth especially with most all Countries making anything over 5mW amd some Countries 1mW, illegal to import or sell as items of commerce.

Perhaps they will still make low power models like the GLP for old long established professional market Distributors/resellers like Laserglow Canada but most hobbist resellers who offered them now show them as "sold out" or "not in stock"
Either which way, you can you can still get a 2mW or 5mW CNI GLP pen style 589nm form Laserglow Canada see: https://www.laserglow.com/product/rigel-hv-yellow-laser-pointer

PS: CNI did make/build and offer a nice range of models and outputs in portable/handheld lasers---here is a link to the old data sheet for them: http://www.cnilaser.com/pointer_portable_laser.htm

CNI is the largest maker of lasers and other laser realated professional products, custom and standard in China.
" Founded in 1996, CNI is the leading manufacturer of lasers, spectrometers, power meters and optical systems in China. Every year, about 20000 pcs CNI products are delivered to more than 8000 customers around the world. " ~ from CNI web site
See their wide range of standard products offered here: http://www.cnilaser.com/products.htm
They have 17 International Distributors see: http://www.cnilaser.com/Contact.htm
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