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Bank of America

Marco Polo

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Nov 2, 2012
If the GB is being padded for any reason, that and the reason for it should be disclosed.

If the GB host gets hit with unexpected charges due to greedy banks and whatnot, then IMHO the only decent thing is for the GB participants to split those charges among them all, even if that is annoying. We should take care of each other. The GB host should never just "get stuck with" bogus charges.

I bought my Skylasers in Offroadfreak's GB and it was very clear that he worked hard to make it happen and to keep everyone happy. The hundreds of PM's, emails, and whatnot to LPF members, the repeated inquiries to LaserBTB, etc. had to have been very time consuming. Accordingly, had he been hit with unexpected charges through no fault of his own, it would have been really rotten to just basically say "fuck you, deal" and leave him out in the cold, to eat those charges on his own. The same should apply to any GB; it's a GROUP buy, a group effort.

My two cents on it, anyway.
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Oct 3, 2011
Just because he used the word "pad" does not imply non-disclosure. I've been in GB where it was disclosed that the organizer would be "padding" the effort a little in order to offset the expected unforeseen expenses. But we all certainly get your point, GB's are a affair of trust and shouldn't be "padded" without disclosure. Not sure how we got on this topic anyways but I want to maintain Hak's reputation here so anyone reading this doesn't somehow walk away with the idea Hakzaw either did pad a GB or does pad them. The fact is he said he "didn't pad" a GB and he is a well known member with an excellent reputation for integrity. I for one would like to end this before the thread gets hijacked about group buy padding, whether or not so and so has a good or bad reputation, etc.

Bubonic- sorry about your ordeal with your house. Must have been very stressful over the past months dealing with that. This most recent banking and mortgage Ponzi scheme left most Americans worse off one way or another, unless you were a upper management banker who profited on everyone's losses. Makes me sick our government essentially sanctions bad behaivor by rewarding it so often. The "too big to fail" BS showed just how deep the global elitest banking tycoons have their claws into our "democratic" system. Every one of those banks should have been left to their own devices and if they failed they failed. The longer you prop up a broken business with goverment aid the bigger the problem will become down the road, one way or another. These are very telling times in the history of the USA. I bet our founding fathers are rolling over I their graves right now. The thought of the federal government bailing our hand selected industries and essentially taking stock ownership in them is a form of veiled communism. All the merits of the governments recent actions, no matter how hard the mainline media spun them, will go down in history as one of the largest manipulationsof our constitutional system to profit a few elite entities. And then the steal $40 from you for making a simple typographical error that didn't take any real effort to correct by the bank. Sad sad sad days guys (and gals I presume)....