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  • Hello Grix, I am fairly new to the laser manipulating world and I have come across a few lasers I would like to gather some information. You seem to know a thing or two so I though I'd ask.
    Do you Know much about class 4 liquid cooled, gas, bench top laboratory lasers? I will need to get some more details I am sure. I believe one is a green 532nm ~ 1.6Kw and I know one said 7Kw on one of its labels. Both are housed in long narrow casings with complete separate power and cooling units.
    I also saw an Argon(?) laser unit that appeared to be complete and in a housing roughly the size of a 6 pack of beer bottles.

    I am looking to know value (in working condition), what to watch out for (any danger other than the obvious), who might be interested in buying these.

    I will get photos and more info. Thanks
    Hi there. An update for you diode table. I have a A140 running @ 1.35Amps using a square heak sink and fins. Drilled a hole and glue the diode into it using Artic Thermal Adhesive. Glass lense from laser printer used. Ran it for an hour and half. Flexmod N2 driver. No problems at all. Unfortunately I don't have a power meter so I'm not sure of the output...1.2W??
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