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Anyone wants to buy anything for Jet lasers for cheaper shipping?


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Apr 2, 2009
all items cost $38 to ship-at JL- BUT DHL Express is the best--the fastest--BUT most important the most reliable --I got >10 orders of 10 or more pcs and NEVER any opened boxes or inspections or problems of any kind--best $38 you can spend..IMHO

JL actually replaces lasers lost in shipping---SO--they use the best-- DHL- with cheap shipping you may get an empty box or nothing at all.---'Penny wise pound foolish' same w/ batts--NEVER (when crossing borders ) ship batts w/ laser--terrible idea-- they are cheap-- would you send a loaded gun??--- IF opened do you really think that they would NOT try the laser out?? who knows what might happen-- they know nothing about safe use OR duty/rest cycling--overheat--kill it then send it to you...OR .harm someones eyes 'even worse'.

I only sold mine to CONUS members-- to save on shipping BUY more at one time-- 10 pcs cost me the same as one JL==SO
I was able to help with ship cost as each buyer paid his share on the JL to me costs.. plus I inspected and metered every one and I never had to reject any.
BTW I offer to ship back to JL if needed ----so my buyers only had to pay to send to me--I 'save' them until I have a few to return and JL pay me back for returning costs---