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I am currently working for an EMS company making complete PCB assemblies.

Biking, Canoeing, Hiking, Rock climbing, Camping, Movies, Lasers (of course), and some videogames
Electrical Engineer


My Lasers

1.1W 808nm Skylaser (burns like crazy!!!)
292mW 650nm LCC 21x DVD Ehgemus Custom Host
288mW 650nm LCC GGW Build Dorcy Jr. Host
200mW 650nm Rayfoss
160mW 532nm O-Like '200mW' Module Ehgemus Custom Host
119mW 532nm DIY Rayfoss Host
1180mW 445nm Ehgemus Custom Host
835mW 445nm Spyder III Pro Arctic Wicked Laser
274mW 445nm CR2 Keychain Host
580mW 405nm DIY 8x BDR-203 C3 SS Jayrob Host DEAD, will replace with 12x soon...
250mW 405nm 6x GGW-H20L Ehgemus Custom Host DEAD, going to fix soon...
175mW 405nm DIY 6x GGW-H20L Dorcy Jr. Host Dying, diode needs replacing...
120mW 405nm DIY PHR-803T Dorcy Jr. Host


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