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  • Can I ask you your advice...i really want to be sure i buy a quality product and need some guidance. I'm looking for a 1w RGB unit with a decent galvo. I can purchase wholesale through my company. Who would you use and what would I expect to pay..Ive seen numbers all over the place..$700 to nearly $2,000. I know the blue level and type have alot to do with it. I guess I want a 445nM...anything less will be too dark..correct? So I guess my question is two fold...One..from who? Two...what power and nW should I look for from each RGB?

    Thanks for you help.


    I have always liked your avatar--is that you inside that way-cool Tunnel?

    Hak (near Houston)
    sorry, i was sick yesterday and bored so i was on the computer all day posting like crazy, way to crazy. wont happen again.
    Sorry for all the BS that you had to go through. All I need now is a PM from the other dude & THIS deal is DONE, FINIS, FINITO, OVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL LOL LOL
    Your laser got sent to another person by mistake, you can either send it back to me & I'll get your BR from the other person & send it to you or I can give you his name & you 2 guys can send your lasers to each other, 'cause he has your BR & you have his RED Laser. Let me know........rob
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