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  • Hey man, long time no see... I just wonder, if you'll appear on LPF again. :)
    I wanted to have electricity there, therefore I soldered simple fused extension cable to be connected to battery directly with standard 12 V DC car socket output. So almost everything ready for projector use. Currently I'm preparing a few another and one long term project is sleeping now. I'm missing some special diffraction grating, but I'll likely do it with what I have so far. It might be used anyway...
    Still a lot of LPF related projects is in progress in paralel.

    What about you and your sisters? Have you started to show them the laser beauty already?
    Hi Brendan,

    I'm fine, what about you? I've had one week off from work and LPF as well. :D Now I'm back in rush.

    I have a new idea to do some awesome artwork to be done with one my friend, but it needs time - site exploration, preparation, agree it with manager of site and possibly spend one or more whole nights there. We have just discussed it this weekend in brief concept. If this will become truth, it will be really awesome. Something great. However since the scene will be large I'll need to get Optotronics RPL-II ordered for sure (hopefuly in one - two weeks). Maybe I'll take out even RGB projector, but I need to get some 12 V Pb batt or car batt and examine whether my 12 V DC to 230 V AC adapter can handle projector and possibly computer. Since I was expecting to take a journey with my oldtimer car (oil leakage - in repair now).
    Haha, you like that?! Something told me one of Jennifer Lawrence's naughty pictures wouldn't be approved :shhh:
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