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  • Thanks Radim! I haven't been posting much, not really have been into lasers lately unfortunately :( Still on LPF though! :)
    :)What can you tell me about my laptop battery pulls and maby their limits?
    Googling tells me they are a little older series LG S 18650 at I think 1200mah at 5A
    Not to worried about the lower mah but the 5A rating. Can they sustain a NUM44?
    I have so many things on my wish list and don't even have a LPM yet. So I go by to what i'm told.
    I have some LG 18650's I pulled from my laptop battery but they are a low 5A and again I lack the the equipment and knowledge to really now as to what diode and output they can maintain.
    Other than the cold bothering the 532's I really haven't brought my builds outside enough to follow just how much cold can limit even a lithium 18650.
    Interesting though for your info on them:beer:
    :)That crazy unstableness of the 532's drives me crazy more for not knowing if i'm I would be over heating it and causing permanent damage. I understand it will take a while to get to know each laser's likes and dislikes but still worrysome. When i'm ready there will be no bargain high output 532's and the good ones are getting cheaper:)
    My highest now is a Aptlightingworld module at 192mw, still a cheap module but it runs a 1W pump diode. The driver had to be sinked.
    I'm pretty excited on getting close to order the 1W 520 and you are right as I do like the color, at first I didn't compared to the 532 but I was probably being stubborn for my liking of these 532's if this makes sense:eek:
    My strongest now is a PLT520B pushed to 430mah and at 170mw with a 3 element and that wasn't a cheap diode like you said! I wish I went stronger right from the start but you "know" how this hobby is:whistle:
    Oh my what a collection!! and thanks for the info:)
    I'm excited just getting ready to order my first class 4 green 520 MO1T..
    In time when i'm ready 500mw of 532 should be keep me happy "I think":thinking:
    These 532's though really want me to put off everything else i'm planing and just get one..:eg:
    You are a wealth of info:beer: and a good man:) I can also imagine the racing thought's of just which 532 to get! Like all though more power is better and unless it really matters with your laser art, I would think all 532's are decent regardless?
    Thanks, same to you. :) I would be nice if we was able to give out rep more often to the same person, but I can understand why we can't however. Have a nice day! :beer:
    Yes I agree with you with there Radim. :)
    There is still quite a lot to be learnt about this quantum foam I think.
    I think this guy was getting at me about the fact that I didn't believe in portals being in existence and that they could be opened up by your basic lasers. He seems very disillusioned to me. I don't know that portals can't be real as we can't detect them is basically what he is saying. I will leave that thread alone to keep the peace. :beer:
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