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  • I don't use all my builds so much that I have to worry about draining them down to the point of damage, and all ways check them with kinda a OCD stress:can: So I don't buy the protected cells. Doing your artwork though is different, but i'm sure you get to know each of your laser's draw over time. When I did a laptop battery pull I was initialy not sure if my lower LG 18650's at 5A would work but they seem to be fine with a M140 build. So tell me about this trip??
    No spam worries my friend, its frustrating having a 60 charactor limit..
    I'm logging off for a bit but i'm glad you went with Jack and I did follow the thread closely. I'll get back to you in a while but WOW never realized just how big and ahead of the times Tatra was:) Curious again to what your driving and hope you do take plenty of pic's...
    I had an idea Opto's products were made to order but never realized just how far:)
    I will say Jack must of got back to me at least 10 times over my little $107 75mw pen questions. He's a top notch guy! I'm sure its killing you waiting:(
    I remember now your trip and actually meant to google Tatra vehicle before and forgot. I am a big old school car guy...
    Fingers crossed it all works out!
    Works like a charm on Android and Mozilla 36. Enable Android Developer mode and put tap on : Force GPU rendering :)
    Congats on your 1st 10K Radim! :beer:
    Looking forward to more of your unique "laser painting" art. :gj: and :kewlpics:
    Yep, the rest of us in the 10K club are in fact LPF veterans. :)
    Rep inflation really took off.
    No, all valid reps Radim. You are very welcome. I'm pretty sure that you will not disappoint.
    Sounds like a very nice way to celebrate. :beer:
    I wouldn't be surprised if we did have the best in the world TBH. I want to see the laser at the Greenwich mean time myself. Anyway I'll catch up again tomorrow Radim. Got a busy day ahead. :p
    I guess you do love London. :p
    London is a very beautiful and diverse city. And we are lucky to have some historic heritage to the city as well.
    Plus the transport system is very good and is always improving.
    Something I recommend you doing if you like sightseeing is a helicopter tour, and/or the Thames rockets (speedboat) tour. They are excellent ways of swiftly seeing London.
    I'll always rep you when I can buddie, youv'e been a great help to me:beer: and the forum..I just don't know what to think of 3D?? Your very right, he just could be a good member with alot to offer with his 3D printing..Maby not a very big host but all the little things needed for builds..Driver supports, buttons, contact boards etc..Lets hope it all works out with him:)
    I used to follow a similar logic regarding the probability. It could just be affecting me mentally ATM.
    Regents canal is lovely. Me and my family walk along it when we visit London zoo. You're lucky to have lived in a nice part of London for a while. :)
    Thank you Radim.
    Me and my family are ok, but thanks for your concerns. I live on the outskirts just out of London. But a location not that far away from where I study got raided by armed police in connection. Normally, I'd say don't let it stop you doing/visiting, but honestly it isn't worth the risk anymore. This last attack was in retaliation. Also my change in attitude is due to my local area not being that unknown to extremism as the place where I studied and volunteer my time had the Lee Rigby killer attend it. Like you said. Scary world.
    exact Radim wanted to own the print ! then on the official website of Epson have not found any model that suits your needs color ? you can also contact them via e-mail, maybe they can recommend the best for you ! You I repeat you are a fucking talented beast ! you are unique ...! give in and don't give up ever ,it makes it so that "one day" is tomorrow !
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