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  • near the left almost top--find USER CP that is your control panel..
    click on 'avatar- find the file w/ your pic- I put mine temp. on my desktop.
    set your camera to small/TV size 600x400 or it will be too large.
    If you want to do more when replying anywhere click 'Go Advance' where you have many more options--fonts -colors etc.
    what is at the bottom of your posts is your 'sig' you can add links--list your lasers-other gear LPMs etc sometimes I need to load pics into 'my albums' where you can highlight/copy the URL and use that to move pic file into a post or messg.

    let me know If I can help more
    Hmmm was just about to give your rep a HUGE+ bump. but your personal profile is blank..
    if you add 'Texas'as your location THAT will appear under your avatar. You can add more info.. many of us keep pets- and have other hobbies-- lots into Quads now- w/ lasers of course!! (and cams )
    also having your location can be very handy-if you lived near Houston-- several members live here and (almost) all own laser power meters.. the forum meters for free- and there are the 'LEMs" I will let you search that--hahaha
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