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  • People like you make this forum. You are always so helpful and never an idiot. Also, your an Aussie ;)

    Thanks so Much!
    haha, your welcome :beer:

    Your a great guy, and deserve it.

    Also, 1 rep from you counts more then 1 rep from me since you have more rep power ;)
    :beer: No problems man!

    You would have to be nuts to buy a 3500 dollar airsoft... Or have won the lotto...
    thanks for the rep, i saw that gun on youtube a while back and i thought of what kind of real gun i could get with 3,500 ..... youd have to really love airsoft
    hey mate, i need some help, i live in brisbane and im thinking about building a laser pointer, your build looks awesome and i just want to know what you got your parts labeled as to get through customs :p,

    cheers Sam
    nothing happened to the diode, the switch is just messed up and the only way i can fix it is by removing the pill which has half a tube of superglue holding it in place.... Im starting to regret putting that much glue in lol, i might have to soak the pill in nail polish remover or something so i can remove it

    EDIT: I fixed it
    Thank you :beer:

    Not yet, but I´ll contact him during the next days. If you also do that, that will be great!
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