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    Paul walker reported dead after a car crash

    At the bottom it says he actually died, many celebrities and his daughter have written condolences so i'm pretty sure it's not fake this time
  2. LaZeRz

    Paul walker reported dead after a car crash

    Actor Paul Walker killed in car crash "TMZ reports that the actor was in a Porsche when the driver somehow lost control and slammed into either a post or a tree before the car crashed and burst into flames." "It's understood that Walker and one other person who was travelling in the car were...
  3. LaZeRz

    Do dogs have brains?

  4. LaZeRz

    Osram 3.8mm 405nm diodes from tech hood

    This is the sled used in smeerworsts build Pioneer BDR-206 12x Laser Sled with 500mW 405nm Laser Diode So 5 bucks cheaper on ebay isn't too far fetched I guess.
  5. LaZeRz

    2007Revolution's new username

    007revolution? :p
  6. LaZeRz

    Deal is over....Now a Double Posting thread.

    Triple post? HAHAHAHA
  7. LaZeRz

    Deal is over....Now a Double Posting thread.

    Im disgraced, hopefully the positive reputation I'm about to give to all of yous will set yous straight.
  8. LaZeRz

    (Ended) Free goggles, anyone?

    Re: Free goggles, anyone? Count me in! I'd love to have another pair for visitors. I think the OD 4.1 pair would be good. Thanks for the Give away Trevor, I'll make sure to rep you as soon as I can :)
  9. LaZeRz

    Mohgasm Clearout sale

    I should have the payment in within a few hours :)
  10. LaZeRz

    Mohgasm Clearout sale

    Thanks Man! Hopefully i'll get it in by tomorrow.
  11. LaZeRz

    Mohgasm Clearout sale

    Still haven't received an invoice, do you need me to re send you a list of what I want Moh? It's been a while and I really hope I can get some parts soon so I can start a few builds that I've put on hold for the last 2 months. Cheers
  12. LaZeRz

    24" aerial shell build

    That's insane! Great work Jeff! You really live up to your username :P +1 :)
  13. LaZeRz

    Host seized by Australian customs

    The part "designed or adapted to emit a laser beam" makes me think they might be cracking down on anything to do with lasers?
  14. LaZeRz

    How could it be possible???

    Your phone keyboard costs much more than your computer keyboard :P