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  • So you are studying the chemical content of the cloud by the changing spectra of the star? Is this for school or your own curiosity?
    That's a great Scope Laser Freak ! Do you use a laser to aim it, or is it robotic?
    In Alaska it was to cold to use motors to drive my scopes. the batterys would lose
    power, and the motors would freeze up. So I aim with a laser and use hand cranks to move it along. Old fashion I know, but it was the only way to go. And I got my scopes before computer guiding. What projects are you do?
    Hi Laser Freak
    Thanks for joining the astronomy club. If you have a teleasope post some photo of it with your laser. Nice cat! I have a cat that looks like that as well named Bandit, and a black cat named YoYo.
    Clear Sky
    - Petacat -
    Join the Astronomy Social Group and post photos of your Telescopes and Lasers.
    Click the Community Tab at the top of the page and join up. There are lots of
    other Social Group you may want to join also.
    Clear Skys and Laser Beams
    - Petacat -
    Sorry, i don't believe that I ever responded to this. No, unfortunately I will not be doing any more GBs, but there is one going on right now in the group buy section.
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