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    Is there such a thing as a "hobbiest grade" spectrometer?

    Ok, let's not use the small angle approximation. d * b / ((b^2) + ((a^2)((d^2)-(x^2)))/(x^2))^(1/2) = y plug the equation into wolfram alpha to get a pretty picture of it. a = distance between orders of known laser b = distance between orders of unknown laser d = distance between slits x =...
  2. laser_freak

    Is there such a thing as a "hobbiest grade" spectrometer?

    When the angle is small, only a few degrees, the approximation of x ~ m(lambda)L/d can be used. Therefore x is approximately proportional to lambda.
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    Is there such a thing as a "hobbiest grade" spectrometer?

    I'm on my laptop which doesn't have any tools to measure the pixels between two points and I didn't want to download any. But I did have my ruler handy :) Obviously that introduces a lot of error, especially since I had to view the images at a 50% scale to fit them on my screen. I measured the...
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    Is there such a thing as a "hobbiest grade" spectrometer?

    I have never done the set up I described in my post, but in theory is should work. Now that I think about it some more I see a potential problem: any movement in the laser would ruin the result. If this exact setup was used, you would need to aim the laser at exactly the same spot in the...
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    Is there such a thing as a "hobbiest grade" spectrometer?

    rhd, you are over complicating your idea with the DIY spectrometer. It is easier to diffuse the laser light, and put the diffracting grating in front of the camera lens. You don't need an expensive DSLR camera, you only need a decent resolution black and white camera. In fact, a B&W would be...
  6. laser_freak

    WTB: LPM with fast response (Ophir?) sensor.

    Don't mess around with the pots inside the head. If it isn't outputing zero volts with no input, then it is likely some other factor that is causing the sensors metal body to be a different temp than the sensing surface. If I stand too close to my sensor it doesn't output exactly zero.
  7. laser_freak

    WTB: LPM with fast response (Ophir?) sensor.

    Is the surface of the sensor scratched or damaged? Are you measuring the lasers at a constant distance away from the meter?
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    Sunglasses for 15-50 mW lasers?

    String as a seat belt for a car? I suppose if it makes you feel better, but it won't actually do anything.
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    Chroma Confusion - 445 vs 532 - WTF Mate?

    Rule #1 of lasers: always use chroma. Rule #2 of lasers: never trust chroma. However with that said, a 1:1:1 ratio of 642nm to 532nm to 445nm does produce a nice white (talking from experience, not from chroma). It's surprising how much you can change the colors and still get a nice white.
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    eagle pair saftey glasses

    The nova lasers goggles are not the wicked lasers ones. I own both and they are not the same. Even if they look the frames look the same, that isn't what counts ;) Also, the NOVA laser goggles are certified, and the ones that I have (and recommend...
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    eagle pair saftey glasses

    I don't have a pair of eagle glasses for green / blue wavelengths, but I can highly suggest Nova Lasers' safety glasses: Safety Equipment - Novalasers Inc. A good way to test the glasses is not the point the laser at them, but rather to look at the color of the laser dot while looking through...
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    200mW 473nm Labby - I feel like I stole it!

    I recently got a good ebay deal on a 473nm lab too, but not as good as yours. laserwave ~150mW for $250.
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    26 Terabits per second laser

    You're lucky you are even offered internet that fast. The highest speed available to my area (without contracting a company to install fiber) is 15Mb/s down, 2Mb/s up. However due to the extremely fine print in the contract, they reduce the max up speed to 1Mb/s up because "my area doesn't...
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    LPF Minecraft server!

    Re: Lpf minecraft server! It still appears to be down. The connection times out.