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  • I didn't know posting in that way was called a double post. I thought it was called a "bump", where double posting meant posting the same thing more than once. I didn't know I got negative repped for it either, so thank you for bringing that to my attention.

    As for the Star Trek phaser, I don't have one. You might be confusing me with someone else who has one (?)
    Well, I didn't quite do it that way, but what I did was position the first mirror and then look down the barrel of the laser pointer and see if I could see the second mirror's image in the first mirror. Only when I could see it (and the second one was a big mirror) did I turn on the laser. Once it was on and kept securely in position, I then walked over to where the camera was and take the picture. Originally, I was going to use about 4 mirrors to bounce the beam as many times as possible, but that got complicated and too risky real quick! So I settled for 2. One was probably enough though. You can't really even see the beam coming off the second mirror in the picture anyway.
    I just posted a couple more videos and 3 new pictures I think you're going to love, especially the pictures. I'm mentioning it because I noticed that they're not showing up when I click on New Posts. Not sure why. I even added a new post that started a new page on that thread and it still doesn't bump the thread as a new post.

    BTW, Eitan said he'd give me $10, and then changed it to $15 if I posted a review. He never followed through, even though I reminded him about it a couple times. That guy!
    Thank you! But I'm already starting to wonder if getting it was a good idea. I've been getting careless and getting unprotected reflected hits, including a good one just minutes ago. I might be blind within the next month if I keep being this careless. :)
    Actually, I did get it on April 1st. I haven't mentioned it on the forum yet, but right now I'm in the process of uploading youtube videos and getting ready to post a review, which will hopefully be on the forum within an hour.
    I sure hope so! But today I can't even check the tracking data because "the service is temporarily unavailable". I guess even the US postal service doesn't always work right either.
    It seems to have moved again, but is still in NY. It says it arrived at the ISC in NY on March 25 before, and now it says it arrived at USPS Facility (not sure how that's different) on March 28 (today). I'm assuming this new facility is an actual post office as opposed to the sorting center. At least it's moving around. I don't like it when it stays in one spot too long.
    You are very kind.I know I am kind of on and off here...I have lot's of hobbies!
    Latest distraction is a new car a 2015 Acura TLX.290HP 5.7 sec 0-60 35+MPG Highway machine...with absolutely epic LED head lights.The most expensive LED flashlight I have ever bought!!!
    Thank you so much for all your nice reps! You truly are an extremely nice person and I find that rare these days, I appreciate all the nice things you do! I need to think of something awesome to send you for being so darn nice! :) Thanks GSS for everything!
    Well, I still get a bit antsy when the mailman is coming down my block. I keep thinking, "today might be the day!". But my overall plan is to give it up to a month and then tell him that if it doesn't come one week after that, it will be time to start discussing refund options. Once that's done, I would consider buying from a member here who has one they are willing to part with. No more overseas ordering for me. I figure that I could easily get something from someone in the USA and have it within a week, and it would probably be at a discount, being second-hand.

    It is really disappointing to hear that he tells everyone the exact same thing and then everyone has the same experience as you and me. He guarantees one week, and it turns into a month. He says all the shipping problems have been solved, but they continue.
    Is that from ordering date, or the date is was said to be shipped out? I placed my order on Feb 27, but it was shipped on March 9th. Haven't gotten the tracking code yet, so I have no idea where it is. He said he got a code, but it didn't contain any information. That might mean it hasn't gone anywhere. He said delivery would be a guaranteed 1 week or less. 9 days later, I'm not counting on it.
    Yeah, and I even noticed that I'm now a "Class 1 Laser". Too bad I still don't actually own any yet...
    Thank you for the rep! Now I have actual rep power in my profile. Yeah!!! Rep power!!!:bowdown:
    Hopefully going to be doing some thermal imaging this week! :) I've been busy building lasers. :)
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