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  • Hey blrock
    some nice projects you have there!
    What happened with your A140 burn test, did it survive a month at 1A?
    quite interested in finding out the results!

    Hi there!

    Seems this is where the Capetonians come together.. :)
    I'm up in City Bowl.. Planning to build my first RGB scanner after my matric exams if I can scratch together the cash.

    Did you study at stellenbosch?
    Always wondered if there was anyone local who had the same interests as me, seems there is although you're really much further in everything.

    Anyway I would totally love to ask you some questions about studying lasers in SA.. I am at the pivot of my live and need to decide whether I want to go into electronics (lasers) or environmental nonsense.

    Would appreciate it so much!

    hi blrock,
    Cool to see some other SA people on here..

    I just finished studying engineering, yay..., and my budget is getting better (usually scrounged around for blu ray diodes, and greens, and hacked DVD roms at the University for reds), I worked at the National laser centre for a bit in Stellenbosch, and We are in contact with LaserX in midrand, Troy (at LaserX) can get some really cool prices from CNI, as they do most of their own projector builds for shows, he can also order some really good optics and galvos if you are interested...

    I'm saving up to get a set similar to your 445, 532 and 650 modules to build a micro 3W projector (since i now have access to some cool CNC facilities)... :)
    Hey blrock. Looks like me and you are the only South-Africans interested in the thing no shop shop sells. Or I really don't know were that shop is. So I just want to know where do you get your stuff if you don't order it from the net. I just started with lasers, I'm an artist in Pretoria and looking to build a few artworks with lasers very soon.
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