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    New Boost Driver ????

    in case you couldn't figure it out, thats not him in the picture. that's actually a NASA lab...
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    A ton of stuff for sale!!!

    Do any of the henes have a power supply?
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    Can you not read? In your own quote "I have been there and done that" THATS how he knows.
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    Battery stuck in the barrel of laser pointer......

    Re: Battery stuck in the barrel of laser pointer.. Have you tried a magnet? That seems to me the most simple and clean solution
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    Who wants a FREE FREE textbook on lasers?

    My $300 comment was in response to that. Its all relative. I'm not saying that 300 is not a big deal, i'm saying that its definatly NOT the thousands of dollars you say.
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    Who wants a FREE FREE textbook on lasers?

    i don't want this thread to turn into a debate about piracy, but i find myself compelled to do so. As was said earlier, this is a textbook intended for proffesors and other people with highly technical needs, not hobbyists like like the majority of this forum. Somebody else posted a link to...
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    Cheap 8x BR Burner!

    already gone. not by me, i just noticed it.
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    Qualifound Laser Review Follow-up

    How much is qualifound charging, do they have a website?
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    Good goggle for a high powered dilda?

    Never, they are coming out with a new set of goggles to cover the red spectrum, DL couldn't give me an estimate.
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    WTB: dragon lasers blue/green goggles

    So you're gonna pay $20 for a $25 pair of goggles, on which shipping is almost $20?? hahaha, good luck.
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    Different kind of group buy?  *FEELER*

    Re: Different kind of group buy?  *FEELER* Ask for a sample. If you can verify that it is indeed 16 gigabytes, not gigabits, then i would be interested. its a common scam on ebay etc to advertise in gigabits, because there are 8(?) bits in a byte.
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    Please Read This

    I've treid registering, but the image verification is screwing up. It won't even give me an option to do type it in, or the image for that matter. It just says invalid public key.
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    Will I EVER learn..SZWholesale - anyone?

    but really, how many overseas people order from the states. they make it all...
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    Which one lasts longer? blue ray or green?

    They are rated for about 40mw IIRC, so the best you could do is buy a more expensive diode, 4x 6x 8x and run IT at 100mw, then you may be closer.
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    is good this site?eazzydeal.sell newwish like DX

    Re: is good this site?eazzydeal.sell newwish like Beware of the MAX output, not garunteed output. Its not saying it will be greater than or equal to 200mw, it is saying that it will never exceed 200mw.