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  • You can always play with the settings to achieve a balance between quality and size. That's the problem with .gif files, they get seriously bigger as quality improves :(

    Have you tried asking c0ld about it? He might devise a way to do it...
    As far as I know there's no way to embed Flash on LPF. You can try to upload it somewhere else to "trick" the site into thinking it's HTML or something like that.

    I suggest you just export the animation as a .gif
    You are an asshole. Thanks for the unnessecary negrep saying "flaming homo". Grow up, you act like you're 12.
    Jay just take it easy I haven't been around for like as long as some of the forum deacons, but I can tell this is a very good forum no mods and such.

    There is that initiation period that all of us must go thru. I would suggest that you
    just post on the threads that are your strong points. Those people hashing your post are singling you out... thats obvious. I will start by a friendly gesture. I would like to sign on as your friend on one condition...
    you cut you posting down considerably then ramp up as you become MORE contibuting... start to do a build or something.

    You know what they say nothing gets back at them more than being successful.
    So here I go I'm sending a friend request and PM me if you just want to talk.
    Wait what? lol...erm, if you mean the potatorage thing with my Viper 125 then:

    Daguin bought potatorages laser power meter and sent me $100 of the payment and then the rest to potatorage. Everything is now square :).
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