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  • hey, the laser came today, holy shit lol.

    one question, which way do the batteries go in?

    not 100% sure.
    i just got my PD PRO how easily does yours light red matches without focusing? trying to get a comparison since i dont have a meter
    woohoo! Thanks for the invite! I see another AZ member in your list, too!

    Have a Tuesday!

    My name is Nic Williams and I am currently working on a small project that will include a custom laser application. Being a mechanical engineer by trade I have little skill and less desire when it comes to the electronics side of things. If you would be interested in lending a hand in my project let me know. There is actually some financial backing to this project so I may be able to offer you some money for your time and assistance.

    I will be at Churchill's cigars in downtown Tempe this evening (we have working sessions there on most Mondays) if you want to stop by, or you can contact me in another way. I will be there from about 7:30 until they close down--stop by and I'll buy you a cigar. I'll be the one wearing the shirt and tie.

    Nic Williams
    Phone: 602-999-6684
    email: nicholas.williams@hotmail.com
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