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    goggles for eclipse?

    I'll definitely do some more testing, notably because the light I could see was greenish, which is not noted in the filter spec.
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    goggles for eclipse?

    So years ago I bought an eBay lot of old laser goggles for like $80 or something for 7-8 different goggles. One of the goggles in the set was this odd, very dark one with really high ODs that I had no idea what I'd ever use it for: Well it appears to be the perfect pair of goggles for...
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    Software Recommendation

    I wouldn't be surprised if this is some spammer that'll post a bunch of inane, semi-on-topic-in-the-off-topic-forum posts and then at some later date modify the post with spam links or something.
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    Polygon mirrors?

    Surplus shed used to have them, but not anymore. I think I bought a few, but didn't put them to any use (they're not at my current location, so I can't sell/ship you one). The mirror surface on them is fairly narrow, about 2-3 mm wide, so kind of hard to keep a good beam on it without some...
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    How to manage frozen pipes

    Maybe let it drip, but also cover it with a blanket or some sort of cover (don't let it get wet) to reduce the effects of convection?
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    Donald Trump Inauguration

    I might like to see the death penalty applied to many "white collar crimes". The effects of some of those crimes affects so many people, and as far as deterrence, no amount of money is going to replace your life.
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    Good external drive for backups, but rarely used.

    Yes, "Plausible deniability" -- that was the term I was looking for!
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    Good external drive for backups, but rarely used.

    Yeah, the TrueCrypt story is indeed strange, with theories about him leaving encoded messages saying that it's been compromised and stuff. My personal thoughts are that he was threatened because it was too hard to crack, had measures that provided reasonable doubt (hidden volumes, etc.), and...
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    LPF's Presidential Candidate Vote USA

    My theory about Trump trying to run is that he's like the creator of that soap opera Passions, James E Reilly, which rotten.com's library described (this is slightly edited for effect): Many longtime Days fans were horrified by the liberties Reilly took with their beloved characters and his...
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    OPT Lasers Cylindric lenses - NUBM44 beam correction tests

    The problem with the NUBM44 and other wide-rectangle-beam shaped laser diodes is that one axis (horizontal or vertical) expands at a different rate than the other. So while you can make your lens focus one axis so that it doesn't diverge (much), the other axis will continue to expand. This...
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    Maximizing Scanner Speed

    If you don't have to draw anything specific, could you just use a rotating mirror? You could also home-brew something like what Kuntman with his raster-like scanner.
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    FDA wants to restrict green & blue laser pointers as "defective"

    I don't think I'd really mind seeing high-powered laser "pointers" banned from sale or import, at least mass produced types. It'd be really hard to regulate people building their own. Mostly I'm concerned about idiots buying them online and then hurting people or causing problems. If the only...
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    What Is It... thread for unidentified laser optic goodies

    Re: Kind sirs, please tell me how a twin PBS is used I think that's a 3CCD prism, not DLP. That's why the white light is split into its respective "channels." Alaskan: I don't know about the twin PBS. It looks like the center prism is shared by each of the two PBSes. Maybe it's designed...
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    Beam RGB laser projector

    Those beams diverge over distances already. You might be able to just use the projectors as-is and they'll get fat on their own.
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    The proper effective cheap safety glasses

    What I've done in the past is look for cheap certified used goggles on eBay. Not the ones that are sold out of China, but some of the surplus ones that come from time to time. Sometimes you'll find some really nice ones for pretty cheap, for example ones that shield against Argon lasers, which...