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  • I am interested in the laser you posted for sale today though i do have a few questions. What payment method do you prefer? How much usage has it had? Do you know the current going to the diode?
    Your avatar gave me a seizure!

    <robjd>: the people on LC are too clever for me
    Hi, can you please change that avatar? It is extremely annoying and distracting in every thread you post. Thank you!
    Check your mails!
    (I need your address)
    Also, I am not sure if I will be asked for details about insurance, but just in case, I've emailed you with details about what I would suggest.
    What should I be doing with the Euro GB? I can send the Kryton tomorrow, so just PM me or email <removed for antispam reasons> with details. (With all the changes c0ld is making, email is probably going to be easier than PM)

    (sorry if this is a re-pm, it didn't appear in my outbox after c0ld re-reset the forum or something)
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