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    stepper motor help

    Thanks + :beer:
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    stepper motor help

    is it really that simple? For some reason I had myself convinced methis was a hard task. Hahaha Also thanks
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    stepper motor help

    I don't even have the driver yet. In all honesty I don't know what to get. everything I see is for cnc but with they function without a pc linked And I want to control them with the same signal. Not individual input Thanks for your reply.
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    stepper motor help

    Hey guys it's been a while! I've been working on quite a few non laser related projects and need some help. Essentially I am trying to build a glass blowing lathe. Which has two headstocks that rotate in sync. At first I was gonna power them off one motor and use a splined shaft to power the...
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    Moving Sale- 3W MagLite, Ophir LPM, Groove & Custom C6 Host(s), Heatsink, Drivers etc

    Re: Collection clearout- Lasers, OPHIR, Hosts, Batteries, Heatsink, Diodes, Drivers, how heavily used are the 18650 cells? where they harvested? and if so from new or used battery packs?
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    I Pledge that I....

    ill pledge to stop cupping my farts and then throwing them at my enemies (in public only though) watch?v=384l-tgjptQ#t=17
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    Some peoples kids :twak:

    :crackup: :crackup: dude the FBI just took my laser targeted infrared thermometer. bar code scanners are about to be taken too. don't forget the laser level i hang pictures with
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    (SOLD!)For the E-Cig Vapers of the Forum

    Re: For the E-Cig Vapers of the Forum could you post more pictures please? thanks
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    looks good also if you want more of a throat hit get some high PG,nicotine juice
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    yes you need a better one my setup is $37.21 Innokin iTaste SVD Variable Voltage/Wattage Mod / APV - telescopic / VV / VW at FastTech - Worldwide Free Shipping $2.62 EVOD Electronic Cigarettes Round Mouth Atomizer (1.5mL) - stainless steel / 2.6? at FastTech - Worldwide Free Shipping the tank...
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    How do you spend your weekends?

    friday: work saturday: sleep then work sunday: work
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    New cheap goggles at FastTech?

    i cant say anything about the goggles but i can say fastech is great i have ordered a few times from there. but warning DO NOT buy batteries( if USING HK POST) or e-liquid. they are having a customs problem with HK post. my order placed on 9-13 contained ejuice and is still in customs. my order...
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    Updated 8/30/14-- daguin - Hand Helds, Labby's, and HeNe, and HeCd Oh My!

    Re: Round III: daguin's Cleaning Out the Drawers Sale i may have asked you before but im not sure if its the same laser... the 1W 655 what are the beam specs and how would it compare to a uncorrected 445nm. its for my projector. thanks :beer:
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    Sci-fi Laser : Ironman

    yep everything is a wave. theoretically even you have a wavelength ;) in chemistry class we calculated the wavelength of a moving car pretty wild ..:D