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My name is Bryan, and i can cut a rug, and i can cut a rug

Lasers, wood fire pizza ovens, boating(all kinds)
Los Angeles, CA
CIVIL RIGHTS paralegal, hoping for PARAPARALEGAL(Ghost law)


Too many PHR-805T Builds
700mw 12x in Daguin build! Link
a140 1.5W Mini Led Host
a140 1.5W Pen Build
1.7W custom c8 MrCrouse HS for sale
Johnny #5 5-Mode 445Link!
Decanned 9mm 2W>1W>.2W
O$ram450 MSV4-LTE 230mw
462nm+ 9mm in v5 Cu Head 1.7W@ 2.4A
462nm+ resurrected!
Custom Hammond box "480nm" diode build
48mw Argon ion 7-Lines!!!
Alibaba 511nm ~25mw
Home made 3 10440 w/ lm317 Homebrew driver ~100mw PL520
520nm 200mw Cypreus EDCLink!
firedragon-III ~400mw 532
543nm HeNe Done!Link!
200mw sm 635 Funkenstein
510mw 638 Cypreus II(400mw with 3-element)
1W 638nm Gold leadlight
MANY LOC Builds 300mw+
660nm JayrobPen Build 300mwLink
1.1 Watt 660nm!
1W+ 808nm firedragon
Radiant X4 3.7W LPM




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