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ArcticMyst Security by Avery



445nm 18650 JayRob kit 1W+Click also for Eagle pair + cheapy ebay goggles review
650nm "275mW" Red Laser LPM vid
532nm Kryton plain ~220mw (o-like 200mw module)
532nm RayFoss 15mW
532nm Lasersman Firedragon Elite 300mW
405nm Ultrafire C3 ~68mw
405nm Kryton groove green anodised ~490mw

Hosts to be utilised
Kryton grove (silver) (635)
Kryton grove (purple)
Arctic replica host (Dylan445)
3 x aurora c6 hosts (need drivers and diodes)

LPM: LaserBee 2.5W USB. LPM services available for Sydney-siders