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I'm a UK based laser hobbyist and photographer, I enjoy fitness training and the outdoors.

Lasers, Photography, high speed capture, long exposure, astrophotograpy, shooting.
England, UK


Photography is one of my hobbies, I specialise in slow motion/high speed captures, and I'm a massive fan of taking beamshot pics :)
2 X 405nm ~25mW to ~50mW 850
405nm 800mW-1W SF501B
Large Chinese host 405nm ~30mW
447nm 1W - (1.6W) DL Spartan
7 Watt 445nm Arcane 2.0 Sci Fi Lasers

520nm 200mW-300mW SF501B (Needs repair, if you feel you can help please message me)
520nm VDL SH-032 1.3W

532nm 100mW ish ~ Tesoar focusable
4 X 532nm 850 host lasers all about 50mW
532nm 20mW pen host

650nm 100mW Partly polished 850 host
650nm 250mW Sanwu Pocket G2 lens