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Trying to get to know you all a bit before I post... :) glad to be here.
Hi there and welcome to LPF!
Enjoy your stay and be safe :)

The Particle’s Son
The Particle’s Son
Doing my best to do both! I quickly realized I was probably going to be hanging out around here. People seem pretty cool. :) Thanks for the welcome!
i suggest adding yr location into yr profile AND put that also into the 'Intro' in the welcome section.... IF you want to actually be welcome here--Best wishes --Len in Texas...

that is not much to ask from some new member asking for help -is it??
Quick question, how long do you have to be a member before you're no longer a "new member"? Thanks!
About hudred posts :)
Thanks ArctocDude! I thought I had at least a hundred, I guess they got deleted...it's been a long time. There were some pretty lively ones, remember? I used troll the fuck out of that guy...what was his name? Time Lord? Ah, good times. But don't sweat it, I won't make no trouble for anyone. I know what's good for me! In the meantime, I'll get a donation going for you, hang on a second...
Hello all. I dig on lasers and information regarding lasers. This is why I am here. I hope this is ok. If not you can hum on my laser hahahaha
You will be very welcome here...IF you make a nice 'intro' thread for the WELCOME section WITH your general location in it's title as well as in your profile-- this makes giving you good advice much more easy and accurate.

HaK in south TEXAS
I didn’t go down but the bike got damaged, just full coverage so the repair should be just fine. But it did ruin my plans, hope you can figure out the order of these post because there backwards lol :)
But being stuck in a small Washington town had had to show off my lasers and the were sure a great hit.... oh well next year for the trip. Be blessed, BobMc:)
Do not necropost on the form! The Air ionization thread was dead 2 years ago.
Send a PM and ask if you are still unsure instead of reviving a dead thread like this. Please see forum rules and forum edicate.
I didn't know what necroposting was and cannot start a new post yet i just want to know what is the best frequency to use to ionise air over a short distance, thanks for you understanding i am now considering leaving.