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You might want to consider this before buying from WL


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Apr 2, 2009
Sorry to hear all this BUT it was 12 months ago and we have been trying to steer EVERYBODY any way BUT towards WL.

sorry the 'new' owners must deal with the mess WL was in- I would not even suggest entering any of thier contests-

I will NOT be giving WL any second 'chances' not matter how many times it gets
sold .

When you buy you get the rep too...

Many were offered free WL samples many years ago- and some had to wait for a few years (not months)as well- I know this from Sam and AixiZ who both get free Arctics but waited years...

If you put the lasers aside and look ONLY at the terrible press 'we' got due to WL

That was put on ALL of us with thier marketing stradegy- screw the worlds laser hobbiests and scae many while drawing in the worst buyers with bad intent to 'set flesh instantly on fire' and the like.

looks like they took the money and ran....