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Wicked Lasers Lunar and Inferno


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Jan 17, 2014
New from ru124t lasers.
after climbing the highest Tibetan mountain, we finally find the famous monk, r u shitan mia and his monastery. For our lasers, only the finest and rarest components are used. A thousand years in the making, the monks use their own belly button lint to produce a wire infused with the very spirit of the yeti. Here the high altitude makes them giddy with delight and in the light of the full moon , dancing naked in front of an open fire, they chant and begin to forge the components of the worlds finest and rarest lasers. They only produce two lasers a year but they are worth the wait! You can buy the limited edition 532nm 100mw yeti drunkin monk laser for the low price of 899.00 us plus shipping. Act now before they are gone, only 15000 left.