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Veterans and Memorial Days- and SELEM and members no longer with us.


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Apr 2, 2009
Day and Memorial Day
Some may ask why we have both.
Memorial Day honors fallen warroirs who paid the supreme sacrifice of losing thier lives while protecting ours. (Or later from injuries while serving or perhaps passed for other reasons)
FROM the web

''Memorial Day is a day of remembrance and may be somber. For this reason, some take issue with the phrase "Happy Memorial Day," as for many, the day is not necessarily a "happy" one. Despite this, celebrations and parades take place on Memorial Day, just as they do on Veterans Day, a fact that sometimes blurs the lines between the two traditions.''

And it is always a sad time when a Vet passes.
We then, can honor them also on Memorial Day.
For every USA citizen who takes their own life EVERY DAY almost twice as many former Military do the same.
LPF has Vets both active and passed.
Some we lose without even knowing.
We still miss very much LPF members Alan (Pi r squared)
Phoenix (Rob Banas) and Greenmechanic Mark-- (who I knew well). And we may never know the 'details' --I knew Mark was very ill.

Something he did not know when we met.

Alan tried to let us know what was about to happen.. however a simple typo in the title threw us off and it was some time before we knew that Alan had passed. I wish I had gotten to meet both Alan and Rob. They are missed and never forgotten.
I feel it would be a good idea for each of us to designate LPF friends as our go-betweens and they could have ways to contact their families when we stop hearing from them.

I know I need that closure.

Some at LPF have never met another member in person.
I have been truly blessed with meeting more than 100 laser forums members , thier families and friends , mostly at SELEM.
That reason alone should make you want to put SELEM near the top of their 'bucket List'.
(pardon going off topic)

THIS is the time to make a plan, and pay attendee fee. And seek others to share things like Hotel costs and travel. Where you travel from should not stop you UNLESS you live farther from Newton N/C. than the current 'record holder' Peiter Jan (master pj)who flew from (iirc) Amsterdam to my 1st SELEM in 2011. At the time several 'awards' with medals on a ribbon where given out for Farthest distance traveled to attend (PJ)-
Best laser song module , Best DYI laser projector , Most Getto-Fabulous Projector (et al). It did not matter to me about the typo -- see my pic below.
My related family now is down to one brother and his wife and sons. He is very easy to find and contact should I ever go MIA.
He lives in Chicago and can be contacted via his website richardhenzel.Com. Rick offers free tickets to any show he does. (see his site)
Three stays in ICU in the last 12 months gets one to thinking about what will happen eventually.
I am not going to let anything keep me from the next SELEM mid Aug, BTW it is about a 17 hour drive from Texas to SELEM. My first one I drove solo after my carpool hit a snag and I was on my own.
MANY use that time for thier paid days off vacation.
AND quite a few PROS , who could be doing paid lasershow gigs give that up to 'do' SELEM-- (& they pay the same & bring most of the gear) -- WHATEVER do NOT allow your lack of projectors keep you away--
You will need to join the lasershow forum where SELEM and all other USA LEMs are orgnized. They have a section for that 'Meets n Greets'

OUR beloved SELEM organizer Adam 'buffo' is head honcho and taught me all I know about LEMs and how to do your own.-- In Nov after my 1st SELEM I rented an empty dusty wharehouse and held STEXLEM - 4 Forum members- three fullcolor PJs and a bunch of my local friends came and we had a blast until 4 AM. It was a mini or 'pop-up' LEM and these are not easy to host BUT subbing the LEM section should get you a heads-up on the next mine LEM. I hope the next two TEXLEMs will happen soon--we have some awesome members near Houston/Austin and the DFW areas.

TEXLEM 2012 was VERY great -- and held in an old Brick (1925) Church in San Antonio. I helped Co-host w/ Displaser and Tim Walsh 'laserspectacles'
WHICH reminds me that another member we lost who was alive then but he could not come so I never got to meet him in person 'Stony' Stonetec was a great member and source of parts at great prices. BTW Stoney was wheelchair bound ...
The church had an elevator and I had hopes he could attend.
If you want to host a LEM and have questions please contact me ASAP.

BTW hosting while a lot of work IT is the best LEM for you ...
and you sleep at home and very little travel.

The key is the venue-- find the best and most suitable place and 'they' will come.
hope to see a lot of you at SELEM 13. Ourenue there has now grown to more than three areas at the same location (a big High School)
It has grown from a Mini LEM to the best and longest in the world --at nearly a week of laser.

there is till some time BUT-- making SELEM is more likely if you have paid. Every year a new black polo shirt comes with attendee fees - no 'extras' are made VERY nice monagrammed Extra shirts need to be ordered and paid for SOON (extras $20) and there is no refunds.
Each year a few pay early BUT do not get to attend.. Any leftover funds go to the forum.
AFAIK you CAN give your spot to a member who otherwise could not go. but no refunds.
IIRC there are about 10 USA LEMs each year.
My Texas forum brothers.
In Houston AixiZ Laser (Dr Chuck or 'CharlesMaricle')
and Greg 'Displaser'
In DFW 'Gadget' (Kevin)
and.. Rick & Tiffany ( 'hitevercoop')


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Apr 24, 2013
46863374_276355899687168_1599168379027980288_n.jpg I agree that memorial day is not a happy day. It's a day to think of the fallen. I didn't know about Pi r squared or Phoenix.
I just knew they were not posting any more.Thanks for this post Hakzaw. I'm going to do my best to make the next SELEM.
I found this pic somewhere online but can't remember where. I feel it shows that the fallen are not forgotten.


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Apr 2, 2009
I agree that memorial day is not a happy day. It's a day to think of the fallen. I didn't know about Pi r squared or Phoenix.
I just knew they were not posting any more.Thanks for this post Hakzaw. I'm going to do my best to make the next SELEM.
I found this pic somewhere online but can't remember where. I feel it shows that the fallen are not forgotten.
EdView attachment 64966
Great pic---gonna save it.
For most we never know when the next SELEM will be our last.
I made 5 in a row with great help from friends.

Hope to see you there.
I do as much as possible to get more going.
If anyone went and was not happy...I have no clue why.

Three common comments are pretty much what most first-timers say.
'SO GLAD I was talked into going'
'For many.'. (as well as myself) 'It was truly a life changer'
'The only neg was--It was not long enough'

WELL it is longer (almost 7 days IF you come early and stay to the very end.
(which is when the last bit of gear is loaded. (Sunday afternoon.)
In all fairness I must remind that, anyone who comes late and leaves early...
well... we just hope that their next SELEM they will be there to do their 'share'
of work. (not much to ask IMO)
I know of one couple who forgot about being in the main auditorium on SAT at 4PM SHARP for the drawing of the many donated door prizes.. I won items worth >$500 on each of my 1st three. When the couple arrived the last prize was drawn.
You must be present to win.
What were the prizes?
I won a years worth on ILDA membership--which was sweetened with an extra month,
A $400 Custom made dual laser combiner-(had a place for the beam splitter cube and both modules--VERY NICE.
I won also a analog 2.5W 450 lab unit. and more. AND one song module made by Mike Dunn-- OR $100 for partial payment for a show/song of my choice--(he gets as much as $400 for them)
I brought (from Chuck AixiZ) for 4 years a FB3 and Quickshow (then $500)-AND lots of other items--lab lasers etc--AixiZ had been one of the most generous.

Anyone coming can bring something to donate. (optional)

SELEM does not need to cost a bunch to attend.
Since we all eat anyway--food does not count--AND the suites have a full size kitchen w/ pots and pans plus a dishwasher.
The HIE allows us to 'indoor camp' --we reserve all the rollaway beds- we bring air beds and some food to cook.
So lodging CAN be as low as $25 per night each-they put out a pretty good morning feast too.

We are able to pick SOME attendees from the airport. And some share the cost of a rent car--NOT really needed.
The venue is about 5 min. from the HIE. getting rides is simple.
Carpooling is cheaper than two round trip airfares and allows more gear to be
The BS&T 'area' is popular ---some great deals which get even greater in the last hours.
WE put our 'stuffs' on a table with prices and name --so a buyer just needs to get with the other party to pay.

I have seen super deals from attendees who just do not want to tote the items back home. (bigger heavier items)

vids are at FBook and YTUBE and at PL --13 YEARS worth.
ONE CAUTION--study up on how to take pics of lasers w/o harming your dig