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The thread of my life ...


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Apr 2, 2009
If you want some face to face sessions we can do that via Facebook.
I am sure others think like me.. my cares, health and other problems are very small in comparison.
I DO wish we had met long ago. I absoluetly love my lasers that you made and almost 'gave' me.
I hope you 'defy the odds' and are around a long time AND be in less pain.
Can I make you smile?
I actually did not see the seam where the end unscrews to access the batts! (power coat grey )
I was thinking-wow I need to remove the front to remove the batts ...THAT is how fine the work was done. a perfect fit.
Almost invisible.
I almost did not post pics- I hope that does not make you sad. I will NEVER sell them . they are now my most favorite ..
I have started a list to send to my brother so my lasers will all get new homes.. the two from you will be the hardest to delegate.. (BOB will for sure will get one)50106084148_bcbd76f076_c.jpgall copper Sinner 1W95nm.jpg
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