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Some pics, people, and lasers from SELEM 2011.

May 10, 2011
Thats ok, I got the point he was making.

And that is also correct, PL isn't always nice to be at but it certainly isn't bad.
Anyway I sort of found the chance to also spend some time here on LPF every now and then.
the one thing i don't like about PL and by NO stretch of the imagination am i saying LPF is perfect, is that it seems people tend to ignore the new people. i understand spammers and people that cant put a sentence together ETC. but for people like me who are really trying to learn its frustrating.

i am no rich person and i cant afford FB3 and am broke from buying galvos a DAC and a nice analog green laser. im trying desperately to learn to make ILDA frames and play them through the freeware that has been made. that is until i can afford something like LSX etc.

one of the programs to my knowledge is only available on the PL ftp server. i was told to PM the admin, present my case even with my low post count on PL and see what he says. i haven't heard from him. its been 4 days.

so i then started a thread asking if someone could just send me 2 zip files. i got 54 views and no replies or pms. i ended up getting them from a very nice member who is primarily active here within a few hours of my PM...

again just saying maybe try to help guys like me out a bit more even if i look like a idiot in your eyes. I AM TRYING

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