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  • messg coming.
    look for "Feeler for''..... in GB section.for my latest GB about to end soon.
    BUT you may want to buy from the thread I am about to post .
    look for it--make offers-- he deserves our help
    "Selling some of my ....'' by M.K.


    plz buy from him--thanks

    I have been asked by JL to host another GB for the newest JL -PL-E Mini-- it has been too long since the last GB-- The MINI IMHO has the best of every thing in smaller package--the perfect size.
    part 2 --yes we have a limited number of 'letters' (450)
    I am not happy this new forum Format-- we lost TOO many pluses.
    socail groups
    subbing a thread
    auto subbing of our own Threads.
    friends list is gone.
    no rep sys
    no required # of posts to make a thread at BS&T. (good only for the many spammers)
    and as you can see LOTS of ADS.

    I do not understand why we were not given a heads-up.
    I lost many pics.
    I had a group for Tx members-(and several other social groups)- inviting them to meets WAS easy.
    now not so much--
    IMHO these changes are part of the reason many say the LPF has gone dowmnhill==YA THINK?
    part 4!!!
    I just lost..part 4--need to step away from keyboard
    Back now, Lazerman. CNI frustration ended in a 'meh', seems things have just been tougher with CNI lately. But, back and pursuing what I can. :)
    Hey aryntha Hope everything Is OK You been gone for a wile. What ever happened with that CNI frustration. I am still curious about the wavelength of that thing.
    I'm back Hak, I just can't find the thread for some reason! My skills are lacking....
    sent you some invites-- the 473nm handheld you requested in now available at Jetlaser there is an on-going EZ GB with zero waiting time. I will have one of these by Monday to meter- measure- graph -inspect the send to its new home--
    A friend (pilot) asked me to start a group for chicago peeps and pilots so i made one group for both C H E A P lol
    473 nm GB JETLASERs!!
    c'mon Matt you have asked for one a LLLOOONNGGG time now.
    You seem VERY well informed in this world of lasers. Since I was a boy watching: Lost in Space, Star Trek, Space 1999, Star Wars, etc; I have ALWAYS wanted a laser. Evidently it is now a reality. I am CONVINCED ALWAYS WEAR SAFETY GOOGLES. I did read the "accidents," and their horrifying results. Here are my questions I have that I HOPE and PRAY you will answer: I intend to use the laser of choice as a defensive WEAPON instead of a gun. Little collateral damage, not necessarily life ending, I see lots of advantages over a gun. Bottom line, what COLOR laser do I want which would pack the most punch LEGALLY? I need HELP. RED, BLUE, GREEN, IR? which one would do the most damage at an attacking dog or God Forbid Human? I know hair would start on fire very quickly; I also am aware that shining this in their face would disable them almost instantly. I would use this ONLY as a last result and perhaps in a DOOMSDAY/APOCALYPSE scenario. Plz help ARYNTHA.
    LPF is again for some reason not sending me PM notices. I am around. For real. Use the 'send a message via email' if i dont respond...
    Just saw you message.
    I´m very sorry to hear about your life situation. Such a bad concatenation of incidents :(
    Hope your lasers are able to distract your mind a bit.

    Wish you sturdiness!
    Finally I think, though the shock of one thing after another (losing my father and then, rapidly after that, my mother descending into alzheimers; and all of the family strain that caused -- sibling and legal contention, etc) -- i'm beginning to normalize again. And stuff like lasers finally are finding room in my day again.

    DJNY: Great to hear from an old face; hopefully I'll be able to be around more.
    Hey everyone... With my "real life situation" earlier this year, one thing lead to another and essentially my father's death lead to one family crisis after another.

    I'm very glad to put 2012 behind me.

    I'm on my way back into the scene here; I never lost my love for lasers or LPF; just sometimes the world gives you a raw deal and you have to drop the 'nice to have' things and take care of what *must* be done.
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