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Solid Brass 638nm - Code Name "Frankie" (Pic Heavy)!


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Sep 20, 2013
I might have come off a bit too harsh in the wording of the first comment I left. Please do forgive me as English really is not my native language. Although it is not an excuse for I went back to read my comment and it makes me sound like a rude asshole. A great point was made about how threads with lots of info about how to put a laser together that did not earn a sticky, would be lost in the vast amount of posts and discussions. Now I am left questioning what to do in such cases... Pay me no mind, it's all half sleep ramble at best since Ive been busy at work and I've tried to sneak in a build or two at 1am before getting up to go to work at 5am this past week

It's really not a problem. If you feel a post you made is not reflective of your real feelings, you can always delete it. Or, you can go into and edit it, if you really don't like it but don't want to delete it.


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Apr 2, 2009
Did jeff say you could go to that post and make a few changes.?
BUT please-- we need members like you who want our forum to be great (again)

Any one of us can answers questions via PM..
here is another thing you can look for..
Threads started in the wrong section.... sometime VERY wrong.
Some 'topics' are relevant to more than one subforum.
But when it looks like they did not try/care.
Its elsewhere-anywhere - often it their 1st post ever-
-no intro-
no info in profile-
Not even asking 'nice' sometimes about their needs. (now)
So I include that when helping them find the right forum for their 'new' thread.
some need steps-- like edit /copy the good parts/ dele old/edit add the rest. save-done.
OR just dele the old thread and title. and start new.

search!!!!! see which forums were used- go there- read the stickies and make a new 'conversation' (still not used to that term.)

(NEW THREAD?) those are rare from newcomers.

NEVER too many members greeting the new members.
(and best time for them to start out at LPF for a win--not a fail.)

PM works best..>>>>>>>hak


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Dec 5, 2018
It completely went over my head.. Sometimes (by that I mean a lot of times) my brain wants to say some things that my mouth is not fast enough or doesn't understand and makes it up along the way not really getting the point across... Anyways I'll leave things as they are, ill let me actions(words) speak on my behalf. I was told to treat others in the manner I want to be treated, so I treat everyone with respect. I also believe that respect is earned rather than given but as a first, give everyone the utmost respect, from there it is them who shall work to keep the respect or increase it