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RGB Laser not working properly


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Jan 12, 2012
Glad to hear it was something simple. You can leave that switch in the on position if you'd like. It does not likely need to be off at startup.

Regarding DACs, there are several DACs sold and several software packages. The industry standard for professionals has been Pangolin's Quickshow and their FB3 or FB4 if you are doing live work and Pangolin's Beyond if you are doing graphics / pre-choreographed laser shows. Their software and DACs are not inexpensive however. There are several alternative software/DAC packages that are available that are robust and cheaper. LaserShow Xpress (LSX) for example is quite competent for pre-choreographed shows and comes with a frame editor. The software and a compatible DAC is available for as little as $200. Higher versions of the software (I recommend starting with the Basic level) and better DACs such as Helios or the Etherdream are available on the same site for a reasonable price as well.

Happy Lasing!



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Apr 2, 2009
Never a waste of time. We got to 'meet you' while the 'action' here is crazy PLEX is more laid back. I am one of those who is happy at both.
The main PL issue with owning lots of HHelds is the problem of trying spending money on both.. I get it. a RGB full color Projector is way 'mo fun' than three pointers RGB' but more spendy... don't judge until you have attended a good LEM.. but any LEM is a good thing. Takes time to get it 100% right..
This (iirc) year 13 for SELEM --gets better & bigger every year.
Three plus venues at same location and if not 5 days -it will be soon.

'life changing event'.. 'I did not want it to end!!' 'I had no idea about how much goes on at SELEM..'' and LOTS of 'I WILL BE BACK!!'s

hope to see you at SELEM


To start and not waste any $$ on stuff you wont be using long or very much.
One of the DACs 'dk' mentioned was the Helios. (works with several softs)
.pair that with Maxwell abstract generator..and you will always find uses for it.
All this gear is offered by forum members. AND having family or friends sit at the PC and make their own abstracts will 'win them over' every time.

Look for a 'bundle' offer.. the Dac and Max.. post 'WTB' in the for sale section. I sold a Chi-jector to a guy there.. myb QuickShow too??..long time ago. .. I will look him up for you.

also AVOID I-Show.. n/g
pm you later--we need new pics of your kit in action.
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