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Resolving the 8X BDR sled mess


New member
Oct 24, 2007
I just got my sled/diode back from Matt - it doesn't seem to have gone LED, just really low powered ... If anyone would like it for "testing" or ??? PM me, I'd be glad to send it out in the name of progress

If you mean to say, that it's still lasing somewhat after dying, this is exactly what happened with mine...

I plotted it carefully up to 280mA, where it suddenly went dim. But not as dim as i am used to with other diodes when they die (and only an ugly blob remains). When i looked at it closer, it was evident, that some lasing is still being done, but only at 11mW (still using 280mA of current but at a slightly reduced Vf)!

You can see the graph and comments here...

The only thing this diode is now useful for is to de-can it and take a super-macro of the die for comparison.... :cryyy: