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NDB7242E diode build


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Apr 28, 2015
Is this on your "kiss" thread yet? Don't forget:)


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Nov 28, 2012
Well this stinks. I just got the mail with my Laser Den x-boost s-mini and put it on my test load and nothing. Now change with adjustment )V and )mA out:( Contacted him and he's sending another one out but I won't be able to build this until next week now:( :( :(
Had everything ready to go and blah. Can't remember this ever happening to me before so I suppose it was due. If anyone knows of anything I can check on it before sending it back please let me know ASAP. Thanks.


Getting a new one sent to me and sending the other back and I want everyone to know that Flame contacted me about it and as I suspected it is a VERY rare occurrence for a new driver to have any issue. I can't think of any way I could have damaged it and I would admit to it if I did. Much thanks to the guys for trusting that I would NEVER cheat them.
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Alien Laser

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Oct 6, 2015
Well, hold onto your hats as I just completed the diode testing. I did say that I thought this diode could put out more and I was right:) This diode is not what people thought so pay no mind to that 50mW max rating. The real rating is the 200mW max one.

Here's the data. If someone wants to change it to a graph that would be nice too. Testing done with a G2 lens:

mW mA V
4 23 3.8
10 30 3.9
22 40 4.1
32 50 4.2
43 60 4.3
54 70 4.4
64 80 4.4
78 90 4.5
90 100 4.6
100 110 4.6
108 120 4.6
122 130 4.8
131 140 4.8
140 150 4.9
145 160 5.0
156 170 5.0
167 180 5.0
178 190 5.1
189 200 5.1
202 210 5.1
221 220 5.1
233 230 5.1
244 240 5.1
256 250 5.2
266 260 5.2
273 270 5.2
286 280 5.3
310 290 5.3
325 300 5.3
335 310 5.3
345 320 5.3
355 330 5.3
364 340 5.3
373 350 5.4
382 360 5.4
393 370 5.4
402 380 5.4
412 390 5.4
420 400 5.4

I honestly don't know how much more this diode will put out but I didn't want to take a chance and blow it. It wasn't showing signs of distress though so you can guess what I intend to do. Going to try building it at 400mW output and see if it can handle it. In all my testing I've found that running off of a variable DC power supply is WAY nicer to diodes than a driver. Cross fingers;)
If you want another way to look at the data it is very close to what Jordan shows on his site with the PLP450 that is a 5.6mm diode (this one is a 3.8mm).

Honestly it was too hard to notice any change in wavelength doing the test but here are some pics:





204mW from my already built pen and 50mW. There was a difference but my camera didn't pick up on it.

408mW readings. Yes, you usually see me post pics with red LED but I have another panel on the opposite side with blue LED:)

Sweet thanks is amazing you can tell at 200mW+ the color is more cyan awww
:gj: nice job on the chart --:beer:
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Nov 28, 2012
All I know is that I chickened out testing further so I don't know how much more it could take. It might still put out quite a lot more but I want to use it in a build and I don't have another one. I need to know if it will survive 400mW with an actual driver and the driver I got was dead on arrival which is extremely odd. I'll have another one probably Monday or Tuesday. I have thought about just adjusting my 204mW one up that high but I think I'll wait.
That side by side pic with the 204mW on the left and 50mW on the right really looked different although the camera doesn't pick up on it. The 50mW was distinctly more violet. I am waiting for lazerman to get those 6 in so I can get another and set that one deliberately lower and hopefully have 3 of them with different outputs. Maybe 50mW (or less), 204mW and 400mW. Should have mentioned that that pic also is using an acrylic lens so it is actually at 168mW there.

Here ya go. Just completed these 2. PL520nm at 75mW and the NDB7242E as promised proving this is one strong diode:

Can barely see the 75mW 520 with the camera:

Maxed at 412mW (obviously I caught the display at 409mW) at 387mA x-boost s-mini:

I don't want to try a comparison until I get the other diode.
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