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"n 450"


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Apr 23, 2016
@ Red; if I Remember correctly both were horizontal, but the 465 was out of focus a bit which gives it a wider look in the picture. The 450 is definitely tighter than the 44. This is just my opinion, but the 465 seems to have a denser beam, it just seems to be thicker. Or at least that what it looks like to me. At present the 465 is my favorite diode, just love the beam.

@ GSS; glad you like the beam shots here's a couple more. :)



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Jun 20, 2015
Oh yeah that's a noticeable difference in color:)
These 3 new N diodes, does any body know if they came from the same projector?

That's the strange thing. Ever try and do a google search for the N450 or N465...nothing....just our local reference.

They may well be similar, or the same diodes just repackaged. Ie an 08/06 and an 07E retrofitted with a can. Personally I'd stick with the 44 for a 450 and perhaps the N465, if you want to pay extra, because the diode is protected from the elements (O2 and H2O), which could lead to degradation over time.

-----> https://laserpointerforums.com/f45/n...m-98314-2.html <-----

Check out DTR's post about halfway down the page. From what I gather, I'm almost certain that the N450 is a NUBM06 and the N465 is a NUBM07E that have had an aftermarket "can" welded in place. Hopefully this was done with the proper gas fill, otherwise it will be no different than using a de-canned diode, life wise.. maybe DTR can shed some more light on this process, I'm sure he knows something about how they are made since he decided to go ahead and sell them.. he complains a bit about the quality of the samples he had at the time, maybe they improved their process of installing the can before he decided to offer them for sale.