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My 100th Laser Pointer!

May 4, 2009
Well sort of...... As I neared my 100th laser pointer I decided I wanted this one to be special so I held out building anything unless it would be truly unique, or I would buy something that would be very important to me. After a couple months I finally found it, a first generation Wicked Lasers Spyder! But why isn't this my 100th laser you ask? Well, when compiling a list of all my lasers I realized I missed the mark by a couple and this is actually my 106th laser, whomp. On to the pictures!

It arrived in a very nice display/storage case



There is a drop out battery tray that puts both of the batteries in a parallel configuration.


The aperture window is square and has a light blue tint, I think it might be an IR filter.



You can see a square cutout around the button that was probably used to drop the switch and driver straight down into the host during assembly. The button sticks out quite a way and has almost no tactile feel to it and is quite a firm press to get the laser to turn on.


Despite being the smallest generation it weighs nearly as much as the 2nd and 3rd Gen's put together! It feels like it might be made out of very thick brass.


Its so satisfying having all three generations in 532nm DPSS, I've wanted this laser since 2007!


May 4, 2009
The full collection gets a nice display case, sadly there's not enough room inside for the NUBM37 Blaster.











For those curious as to what they all are here you go!

RGB 659nm 60mW/ 515nm 30mW/457nm 70mW
398nm 200mW Chrome Pen
410nm 630mW Lunar Spyder III
410nm 700mW Chrome Pen
411nm 80mW WL E2

413nm 8mW Generic Flashlight Host
417nm 2000mW Chrome Pen

424nm 600mW Chrome Pen
425nm 1400mW Arctic Spyder III

442nm 500mW Surefire L4
442nm 1100mW Arctic Spyder III

444nm 500mW Mini Flashlight
446nm 1300mW Arctic Spyder III
450nm 80mW Chrome Pen
451nm 1400mW Arctic Spyder III
451nm 1600mW Chrome Thor

453nm 1900mW Chrome Pen
453nm 2600mW Atomo Vape Mod

455nm 22W NUBB23 Custom Pointer
455nm 75W NUBM38 Custom Blaster
455nm 125W NUBM37 Custom Blaster
457nm 7900mW Arctic Spyder III

462nm 100mW Chrome Pen
462nm 600mW Spyder II

471nm 2600mW Arctic Spyder III
471nm 7100mW SkyLasers

473nm 30mW LaserGlow Aquarius
477nm 20mW Chrome Pen
483nm 100mW Chrome Pen
488nm 60mW WL Core
488nm 150mW Chrome Pen
489nm 1200mW Lunar Spyder III
490nm 80mW WL E2

492nm 110mW Custom Stainless Host
493nm 100mW Chrome Pen
499nm 8mW Chrome Pen
503nm 30mW Chrome Pen
509nm 20mW Chrome Pen
517nm 9mW Random China Pointer
517nm 70mW Chrome China Pointer

518nm 140mW CNI GLP w/key
519nm 5mW Random China Pointer
519nm 40mW Chrome Pen
520nm 5mW BeamShot
521nm 3mW Xpointer Pen
521nm 30mW Random China Pointer
521nm 540mW Zeus
522nm 3mW Xpointer Pen
522nm 330mW JLasers Nano
524nm 280mW Nebo Flashlight
524nm 750mW Arctic Clone
525nm 250mW Arctic Spyder III
525nm 1100mW SkyLasers

532nm 5mW Focusable Pen
532nm 5mW LaserGlow Anser
532nm 5mW WL Core
532nm 30mW Chrome Pen
532nm 30mW WL E2
532nm 30mW Presentaion Pointer
532nm 50mW 303 Style
532nm 50mW First Gen WL Spyder
532nm Sanwu Pocket
532nm 60mW Keychain Pointer
532nm 70mW Tinker GLP Clone
532nm 70mW Tinker GLP Clone
532nm 80mW WL Nano
532nm 90mW Black Focusable
532nm 100mW BY851
532nm 120mW LaserGlow Aries
532nm 125mW Nova Laser Alpha-125
532nm 150mW WL Evo
532nm 200mW PL-E mini
532nm 250mW Spyder II
532nm 550mW Krypton Spyder III
532nm 880mW Krypton Spyder III
532nm 1200mW CNI GLP

551nm 10mW Chrome Pen
556nm 25mW Chrome Pen
559nm 8mW Tinker Pen

561nm 15mW Chrome Pen
572nm 18mW Krypton Spyder III
573nm 15mW Valkyrie

577nm 10mW Custom Pointer
589nm 3mW CNI GLP
589nm 5mW CNI GLP
589nm 40mW DragonLasers Spartan

593.3nm 3mW LaserGlow Rigel
593.5nm 10mW Chrome Pen
593.5nm 12mW Tinker blue pen

637nm 190mW Kryton Groove
637nm 440mW Scorpion Vape Mod
638nm 1200mW SkyLasers

639nm 200mW Chrome Pen
639nm 640mW Arctic Spyder III
640nm 350mw O-Like GLP Clone
641nm 1300mW Arctic Clone (Twin Beam)
641nm 1400mW Arctic Clone (Triple Beam)
645nm 720mW Mini flashlight

653nm 5mW RadioShack pen
659nm 60mW Custom Mini Maglite
660nm 150mW WL Nano
660nm 200mW Chrome Pen
661nm 90mW WL E3
661nm 140mW WL E2
662nm 120mW M-C20 GLX
663nm 70mW Generic Pen

Thanks for reading!
Sep 20, 2013
Congrats on your latest acquisition. I have bought or built quite a few as well. I don't display them as you have, however. ;)
Jun 11, 2024
I'm dying to ask, where's your favorite place to shop and because I love a good deal, where do you anticipate the best sales?

I'm on like 3 and they were all stolen along with zippo lighters, something always seems to go missing after parties. Usually after my brother throws something I'm not anticipating.