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Sep 20, 2008
stuarticus said:
Hi there, I'm in Devon, uk, I bought two kits some lenses and a diode in housing, this was several weeks ago, the stuff came fairly quickly :)  but i had some components in one kit (full diode driver kit) that were different and later i found one was totally wrong and another bit i thought must be an odd freebee as it did not resemble anythink in the kit :-?,
Oh and i did not get the diode data sheet, so i still do not know for sure what i can do if i finnish ::)
 In the other kit (test load kit) a diode was missing, I cannot get bits in england without buying a thousand of each. :(
After emailing greg a lot, in his innitial email his wording sounded a bit like i must have screwed up and could i send him pics of my work and detailed exp about bits, :-[   it took a week before i could find a digital cam that could photograph the almost finnished kit and see what was done (no macro), but i did it after a lot of trial.
 One component he said had been changed by supplyer which i was really pleased about, but then in the same email he did not mention the other bits and i had to keep emailing, I still am!  
  All i need is a cer cappacitor and a little standard diode, worth almost nothing but dispite a lot of detailed emails he has not helped other than say one bit was ok it just was not in the photos or the kit description was supposed to be 75ohm resistor i got one with 2210 on it he said it was a replacement from the supplier.
    I am alittle unsure whether the one ceramic capacitor (red oxide in colour) is the input or output one as there was only one. I have nothing to test a capacitor, i am hoping it will just work out...that may be silly but as i cannot get any sence fron stone tek i just hope they will send me anything. This is my first laser build which makes it very frustrating, 'I thought great  :) buy all the bits i need then hey presto after some work i will have my fist diy laser' , now a month or so after completing all except the few bits i did not have and i cannot finnish / get the bits.
I am not in a hurry to say i've been ripped off, i expect greg has a lot on his plate and mabe he needs staff? But for the cost involved it seems really silly not to just post me the bits and let me finnish, i have comply'd with his requests and patiently waited in between emails.. I see greg has very little to gain from not sending the bits? especially not financially, i have offered to send the odd bits back to him if that would help, the envelope would cost more than the bits (i think) :-/

If anyone feels charitable i would be happy to pay for bits if anyone else has spare bits?

The stupidest thing i've thought is that if i'd succesfully built the project i'd have immediately bought another from greg, just now i think that MAY be risky?

I am open to suggestions......?

Why don't you post a list of the parts and their part numbers that you require and are looking for...
Also some photos of your wrong parts and laser build...

Perhaps some members here could be of help... some members are located in the UK... :)


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Jul 24, 2007
I cannot get bits in england without buying a thousand of each.
I purchased 100 1N4001 diodes from ebay about a year ago, I thought they would last me for years but as I fell deeper into laser building they soon got swallowed up. They only cost a couple of quid so that is the route I would take to get things done. You can buy your capacitors, resistors and regulators in 10's from ebay as well.
As LB says give us the full info on what you are missing and we will try to help out.

Regards rog8811 (in the UK)