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Lets do some pets


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Apr 2, 2009
Wish I had some pics to post...
NO idea how many pets-- my mom allowed me to have almost every pet one would want..

and I worked at an Everglades Zoo in the 80s and could have pets w/o having to house them including an (partially) albino skunk.
lots of lizards
several species of trantulas
at the peak 26 snakes- of which a few were paired. and laid eggs or gave live birth.
9 birds including 7 parrots (miss them a LOT!!)
BUt my overall fav was a mix breed female dog-- black lab and irish setter and runt of the litter'
She liked to night hunt with me and could smell snakes and kinda pointed at them..
She got her name of 'Snakey' from that.
She could easily climb many trees. .. NO FEAR.
She once climbed a 'rung' ladder up to a second story building. (after I climbed into a window to get the phone)
She was allowed to go to bars with me-- at each she had a spot to 'sit' and being very black was hardly ever noticed.
I knew very little of her history- some red hairs amid the black -- said setter. but that was a guess.

I saw here tied to a water faucet with a piece of wire.
I might have a slide of her--
I asked about her and the gas station owner said she just showed up ..

She would sit by my van waiting for me to come back-- keeping her in the van did not work very well as she quickly learned how to roll down the windows. She learned to stay with the van and not follow me.
She went everywhere with me and I lived in that van off and on for years. She had a litter of 6 pups while we were on the road. Finding great homes for the pups was easy.. (they were half black Standard Poodle- (a big one too)
Everybody loved her. Smartest dog ever.

RIP-- Black Snakey.

always missed never forgotten.
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