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Laserlands.com "HALF PRICE WITH A REVIEW" Promotion When?


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Apr 2, 2009
I had high hopes for Laserlands-- lately I am getting to answer to my PMs-- the 200mW green King module comes on around 27mWs, dims, flickers then nearly goes out--was told that the return of it is not possible due to the time limit---that will surely make me want to give it a great review---NOT!

I sent another PM last night - while I am aware that Merry is just an employee-- tis a shame tho that she cannot replace the crappy one she sent me. And I was concerned that I would get a better than average one..... instead of the other way around.

Worst part is the money I have wasted it and on a host and Heavy Duty Heatsink-rechargable batts and charger-

AND due to the modules big size -- It may never have a module inside of it.

unhappy Hak