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Laserking 1W RGB Projector


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Dec 9, 2008

About two months ago I bought the Laserking MC2 ILDA projector. I though I'd share my experience.

I paid $1400 total for this, included shipping. Laserkings website is Hongkong Laserking Tec Co.,Limited.. They don't seem to list this exact product, but I'm sure you can get a quote by contacting them.

Listed specs:

500mW 650nm red - 10KHz analog
200mW 532nm green - 10KHz analog
300mW 445nm blue - 10KHz analog
30kpps scanners


The reason I bought from Laserking was a combination of their relatively cheap prices, high quality parts and reputation. I was not disappointed. This laser kicks ass!

The scanning is smooth and projects even complicated graphics with ease, no flickering. The scanners are quite loud though. On some shows they even screech louder than the fans in the projector.
Speaking of the fans, they are also quite loud. Much noisier than my computer for example. This is normal though, but just a heads-up for people new to show projectors.

The laser modules are very nice. Unfortunately I don't own a LPM, but I think they are up to spec, considering they are very bright and made by CNI, a top-tier company. My only complaint is the red, it should've been brighter. I have to tune down the green a little and the blue a lot for a good white balance.
I have no complaints about the analog modulation either. Smooth and beautiful. I really recommend getting analog modulation instead of TTL if you're planning to buy a projector.
The divergence and beam quality is what you'd expect: Decent on the green and blue but pretty bad on the red.

I haven't taken the projector apart yet, because I am too scared to ruin something. But from what I can see inside the aperture hole, the build quality is good. The modules and aluminium breadplate are beefy. The projector has two large fans on the backside. I have three cons though:
1. The dichros are not adjustable. However Laserking did an excellent job of aligning the beams.
2. There are no dust filters on the fans or air holes.
3. There are no safety switch or key switch on the projector.

This projector can run both on ILDA (It has an ilda in and out port), DMX (in and out) and automatic/sound mode. The built-in patterns on the automatic mode sucks, but who uses that anyways?

In case you are interested in looks, the case itself looks sweet and minimalistic. The ports are straight and looks clean. There are some ugly warning stickers though. There are also an unused hole on the backside that can be used to upgrade the projector, for example with a safety key switch. But when unused it looks ugly.

Conclusion: I would definately recommend this laser to anyone who are looking for a laser in the $1000-1500 range.


The laser in it's awesome entirety:

The front:

Inside the aperture (hard to see anything, sorry.)

The back:

Keep in mind my camera sucks balls, in real life the colours are much more vibrant and bright.


30k test pattern:

Colour test pattern (stock settings):

Colour test pattern (balanced white):

Graphics, all scanned smoothly, no flicker: