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laserbtb True < 1mW 450 nm Tested


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Jan 10, 2015
Didn't somebody get in trouble in Aus for buying a cat laser at a store that said 1mw. Somehow they saw him shine it and they tested it and it came in at 1.2 mW and he got fined.

I swear I read that here. Like how the hell is it his fault he bought something in the country.
cause you know your eyes can tell the difference between 0.2mw
Yeah sadly that's the Australian laser laws for you. I'll bet that if this laser were over there, he would still get in trouble for the extra 0.03 mW :crackup:

Apr 26, 2010
The two times I've been to SELEM make me less worried than I should be with safety.

I work alone, and with lasers in known directions. I never get caught off guard by an argon ion erratically shining in a predetermined direction, so glasses aren't even glanced at.

I've also been blinded, first hand, by our very own Sam Goldwasser. There was a ~2.5W 532nm lab head in the BST room. While we all oo'ed and ah'ed. He took the white frame of a pair of diffraction glasses, and dropped it right in the beam path.

Like a green flash bang.

That said. When you say "this 1mw is much safer than my 2.4mw". You're basically saying "this name brand hand cleaner is much better and safer than that Great Value nonsense". Both are equally safe for you.
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