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Laser to deter security camera!


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Apr 2, 2009
Re: Laser to deter neighbors security camera!

Not only did you not read my post #19 about Double Posting
and how to avoid it but right after that post you decided to
post 5 consecutive Posts within minutes...
Then instead of combining your Threads you delete them
completely to turn this Thread into non coherent GARBAGE...

NO You can't shoot it... that is destruction of property
and is illegal...

Now you have me wondering what it is that YOU don't
want to be recorded... Are you doing something illegal...

You figure wrong...
A camera is a receiving device. It picks up photons and
images that are transmitted by other sources.
If you don't want to transmit that data then do something
at the source.

A Laser or light is a transmitting device.

I'm a bit confused.... I couldn't find that text anywhere on
this Thread...
You better explain who that is addressed to....

By your own admissions of NEEDING privacy... I would
also question how badly you need it and why since you say
the police wont help but are laughing with you at the camera

Why did you not ask the Police about using a Laser or Light
source to foil the camera seeing you and yours....:thinking:

I would suggest that you seek concrete legal advice rather
than assuming the law in your jurisdiction

If the responses/opinions by the Forum members "bug" you
then report them or ignore them. We did not come to your
home to ask questions..

BTW... we don't know you from a hole in the wall. All we have
to go on is what you Post. We haven't heard the other side of
the story by the guy that owns the camera...


You can contact us at any time on our Website: J.BAUER Electronics

Joe- do you really think its wise to argue with vets here?
we can never condone the use of lasers for something like you suggest.

AND no matter how big a font you use -- YOU are just plain WRONG-

I think perhaps another forum would be better suited for you ... no matter as I cant see you going un-banned for much longer.

I will no longer contribute to the drama fest- you need to grow up.

I see no reason for us to take you seriously. AND I am thankful that you do not live near me.
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