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Laser diode reliability and/or failures.


New member
Jul 4, 2012
All the diodes that I have had die have been my own fault.

-my first 445: used 2x16350's, turns out the driver couldn't take the voltage-i was angry at first, but then i realized i had previously been using 2xcr123's, and didnt pay attention to the .7v increase fro li-ions (this was my first laser, was certainly a learning experience)

-my 638: wanted to move it to a new host that could take a bigger battery, as the battery life in its current host was pretty short, accidentally broke a pin off the diode.

-my second 445: a 3 Watt build, and once again, too much voltage. I thought I had read that the driver i was using, the SXB-V2 could take 2xli-ions, but it couldnt. Killed the diode and driver, and to add insult to injury, i boogered up the nice custom heatsink Flaminpyro made me getting the whole thing apart.

Thankfully, I've yet to have a diode die of its own accord- me killing them sucks, but at least it was user error, and not product error. So really, just be careful, and READ THE DATASHEETS! For drivers, diodes, whatever, just make sure you know whats what :)