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Hi from Silicon Valley, CA


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Jan 3, 2019
Hello everyone. This is my intro post.

A friend of mine just had his 70th birthday party (he's a bit older than me ;) and I told him that what he needed to stay young of heart and mind was to get into Rock and Roll, Motorcycles and Lasers!

I've always had a fascination with Lasers. Since I was a kid hanging around the UC Berkeley science lab in the nerd-kid summer camps. To the first time I got a hold of a decent, bright green pointer (circa 2000). To my first sneaky, exciting, super secrete order from China for some of the big stuff! ….and lately seems that indeed I have been bitten by the proverbial “LASER bug”. While I think it’s very cool that highly focused light can cut and burn stuff, I’m more into the pretty psychedelic colors, light shows, and amazing art potential using lasers. I also respect, admire, and use all manner of laser tech and tack gear as well.

So, I have lots (too many) "store bought" pointers and light sabers, etc. As well as a growing collection of modules, lenses, and parts. I’m not yet to the point of building my own drivers, but that seems to be the direction it's heading. I’m not the greatest hardware hacker ...although things are improving as I have more and more time for this "sport". I have some creative art piece builds that I’m working on now (a very expensive lamp). Also, some practical applications. —I will post pics of anything/everything that I get finished here of course.

Other that all of that …for those of you still awake …by day I’m an InfoSec guy. Cybersecurity Risk Quantification and Compliance is my bag. I also play music (guitar) funk, rock, and Jazz. Yes, I ride motorcycles ...and before you ask, I have a Zero. It's an 100% electric supermoto —ya it’s way, way, way fun! …because it’s totally silent and stealthy, one of the things that I think about doing is bolting on a high-power IR designator and riding through the woods with night vision gear. Not kidding!

It's Great to be here people…

Cheers all!

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